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Skill Dev-up: Services

Skill learning and development

Skill development at Dejesys is an important aspect, for everybody working with modern systems need to update their skills continuously. This pursuit of excellence is the core of a smooth work experience whether you are a freelancer or a professional in a team. We work on three types of skill-development:

  • Learning (Software)

  • Experience (Web Apps and Websites)

  • Skill-Development (Outsourcing Applications, Processes and Systems)

Learning, refers to initial course  or the very first interaction of an individual to a technology or a skill, In learning phase, only a formal knowledge with minimal or no-knowledge will suffice. The aim is to mold the brain to become a thinker and start developing technical perspectives that can make the individual a good fit for handling work, This can also be termed as Industry-readiness strategy.

Experience, refers to hands-on with the work, where the individual has prior knowledge of the technology or skill, In the Experience phase, it is a pre-requisite to have some basic information of the technology and be able to interact with systems and perform tasks and activities that collectively are termed as day-to-day operations.

Skill-Development, is re-shaping the skill set, where the individual has an experience and now aims to further develop, In the Skill-development the main learning is directly from the tasks, which can be understood as learning while working, or executive learning. Usually, the skill development in this phase is related but not limited to one's domain and work profile, Skill development is one of the factors that must be considered to stay comfortable and stable.

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