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Professional  Services Outsourcing

Professional Outsourcing mainly refers to the professional IT consulting services that comprises of Integration and Automation of various systems across businesses, this can be readily available through existing tools and platforms or may require third party tools to accomplish.

Therefore, Professional Services Outsourcing can help keep the costs within a bracket and help businesses track the resource input.

The best example would be a business exploring to automate an existing process using an existing solution, but the solution requires an implementation, the implementation can be done in three ways:

  • In-house consulting (this will require skilled staff to be hired),

  • Software/Service provider consulting (this will require a bill extension on top of software/service costs)

Professional Services Outsourcing: This helps by bringing skilled resources in the middle and do the implementation, while doing the complete interpretation to both business and the service provider, this significantly reduces the time effort and provide better results with complete documentation and end-to-end support.

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