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  • What is a Website?
    Technically, a set of related web pages located under a single domain name, typically produced by a single person or organization. In real world, for any business or organization, A website is a gateway to business, Yes, in modern era, with all the mobile devices and systems in place, a website is a base for your business, In simple terms, if you have a business, then you have online presence only via a website.
  • What is the benefit of having a website?
    Yes! With all the investment you have done to your business on ground, it is equally important to have a website. Most of the people nowadays start their shopping or research online which means if your business comes in search results, and you have an online place where people can know you or about your business, that serves the purpose. A Website gives credibility to your business.
  • Is it costly to have a website?
    No! it's a myth, Websites are not costly, our best rates starts only at INR 499 per month (billed annually), and initial developmenet(only -one- time for INR 6000 per year). That means you and your business will have an online presence in the price of a bicycle! Please note that final quotes or costs depend on customer basis (requirements, scope and range), Along with this, content management and support services are separately planned, purchased and delivered.
  • Why is our plan so cheap?
    Because we have no frills attached, no hidden areas. We develop only planned websites so that our customers can always start from basic and have a flexibility to add new features.
  • What else we can do for your business?
    We can literally do "everything" for your business, we can make you a competent business that can do everything, that delivering a world class experience means. Alongside a website, we can help you with Marketing both online Marketing and Offline Marketing as well.
  • What type of websites we develop?
    Few examples of Websites that we develop are: Information Website, Corporate Website, E-commerce Website, Personal Website, Web portal, School Website, Gallery Website, Content site, Media-sharing site, Brand-building site, Review site, News site, Classified ads Website, Religious Website, Affiliate agency Website, Archive Website, Blog (weblog), Celebrity Website, Crowdfunding Website, Click-to-donate Website, Internet forum, Government Website, Microblog Website, Photo sharing Website, Question and Answer (Q&A) Website, Search engine Website, Showcase Website, Social bookmarking Website, Social networking service, Warez Website, Webcomic Website, Webmail Website, Wiki Website, Hotel Website or Hospitality, Hospital Website or Medical care, Retail Shop Website, Wholesale or Distributor Website, Online delivery System Website, Service and Repairs Website, Stock and Inventory Management Website, Business Website, Appointment booking Website, Monitoring Website, Contractor Website, Building Material Website, Warehouse Website, Online Appointment Booking Website, Restaurant Website, Cake Shop Website, Grocery Shop or Store Website, Greens or Vegetable and Fruits Website, Cosmetics and Body care products Website, Clothing and Apparels Website, Furniture Store Website, Portfolio Website, Computer Hardware and Peripherals Website, Support Website, Online Streaming Website
  • Is it difficult to manage a website?
    It's a myth! Managing a website is as easy as cutting a cake, We have Website management services in which you will never have to worry about your website whatsoever. From Website development, Hosting, Platform, Reviews, Graphics, Content, Marketplace, Account Services, Disclaimer, Usage policies, Website Monitoring, Regular Updates (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly). We make it easy for you to not just come online but keep your online presence graceful and shining always.
  • What about Website content?
    The content on your website can be proprietary or open source, Proprietary Content: The content that you have from your business place or related to your business exclusively. Open-source Content: The content that is generic in respect to the purpose of website.
  • I already have a website, do you repair, transform ,update, change or revamp?"
    Yes, of course, If you already have a website, we can do a complete revamp of your website as per your requirement.
  • Is there anything extra needed for a website?
    Yes, a domain name, A Domain name is a unique identifier on web that is just like your office address or house number or street address, we can help you get one quickly.
  • Will my website work on Mobile as well?
    Yes, the Website will be Mobile friendly, all our designs are mobile friendly because mobile web is the top priority, as most of the users start their initial search on mobile. A full hand-held device or a desktop web experience is generally recommended for specific purposes.
  • What type of media can be share on my Website?
    Any! Documents (pdf, text, word), Text (in any language Hindi, English, and any regional language as well), Pictures (Animation, still), Videos (Animated, real).
  • Can I sell on my Website?
    Yes, you can sell on your website, We can also setup a complete Marketplace for your business online.
  • Can I accept online payments?
    Yes, you can accept online payments on your website, we enable your website to accept online payments through all accepted modes like Credit card, Debit card, Internet Banking, Wallets.
  • Can I offer loyalty plans to my customers?
    Yes, you can offer loyalty plans to your customers.
  • Can I get to know my customers for a personalized experience?
    Yes, with all accepted marketing platforms, you can connect with your customers for a more personalized experience.
  • Can I get a custom email with my website?
    Yes, you may opt-in to get a custom email address for your website like, or or or or or or anything along with custom email addresses.
  • Can my website be integrated or connect to social networks?
    Yes, completely! We can integrate your website with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and any other online platform of your choice as per available connectivity.
  • I have a shop, can I have a website?"
    Yes, in fact a website can boost the sales for a shop or store dramatically because your reach to your customers will increase manifold. Your products will be available online and you can reap benefits of online e-commerce.
  • Do you provide hosting services as well?
    Yes, we can work to get a hosted space (hosting for website and other applications as well) and manage it for you.
  • Is my data safe in your managed services?
    100% safe.
  • How can I get SEO done for my website?
    We will do the SEO for your website, SEO is Search Engine Optimization i.e., how your website appears to people through online search results. SEO is one of our key areas where we work with our customers to make them all-in-all full-fledge enabled for a modern online experience.
  • I need a mobile app with my website?
    Yes, we can do that for you as well!
  • Where is Dejesys located and why should I choose Dejesys for Website development or my business development?
    We, Dejesys Private Limited are based in Jammu, our focus is on "Website Designing in Jammu" and "Website development in Jammu". By this we mean to design the website in Jammu and develop website in Jammu, we are always available for you locally, no questions asked. We believe that websites are a gateway to businesses of any size, right and authentic information to customer is one of the most important ways to establish your credibility and resourcefulness. We not only develop websites, but we provide all the services that you need to rightfully do the marketing of your business so that you can reach your client and focus on your business to boost your business. We respect markets, marketplaces, fair practices, and harmony within businesses to achieve a sustainable and peaceful commerce network.
  • How can I conatct you?
    Instantly, Call or Whatsapp us at: +91-99063-46879 Or Email us at:
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