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IT Consulting

Our IT Consulting teams comprise of people who are technology and business experts and know technology like a hauler knows the roads, All they need is the payload and rest is their Job.

IT Consulting has three main streams:

  • Standard Consulting

  • Extended Consulting

  • Dedicated Consulting

Standard Consulting refers to projections where all the components of the implementation are ready to use(install) or plug-and-play,

Extended Consulting is where there is an implementation of a system that is either a middleware or requires a middle ware to integrate and automate the workflow,

Dedicated Consulting is a CI/CD Continuous Integration and Continuous development, which usually involves systems that are ever evolving and changing or require a dedicated support or change to it's components.

At Dejesys, we provide a range of consulting options that can vary from one-time implementation projects to continuous projects to support businesses and processes.

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