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Support has a wider span, because in Businesses or commercial undertakings, more than sales and service, it is important to have a robust Support workforce that can help new clients navigate through a smooth experience and existing customers can work more productively and have a good support at every point of business.

Support models are different for various businesses depending upon nature of business, revenue model, size of operations, systems involved and the most important i.e. The Clients.

The best example would be to compare a financial institution and a retail hyper store,

For a Financial institution, Clients can be individuals and corporate houses as well.

On the other hand, for retail store, clients are usually individuals.

For a Financial institution customer, the support requirements are usually duplex i.e., the clients may contact for information only or they may request an update that requires an action by support staff.

But, in case of a retail hyper store, there can be a huge feedback influx (assuming ordering is online where customers can do online ordering).

In these cases, enabling support staff with required tools and techniques is a challenge because it is an amalgamation of business standards and people management.

There can be times when customers call in directly for order instead of ordering via website or app, so the support staff should be capable of doing that.

Gradually, the support system becomes a backbone of the business and it becomes so rigid that business and support become two pillars of a successful business entity.

Support Staff not only caters to external customers or clients but sometimes internal customers as well, having a workforce that is confident is a huge plus point, the best example is to have an Accounts payable team that can handle queries from vendors for payments and from employees for their well-deserved emoluments.

On top of that, there are options to have different types of support systems as follows:

  • Social IM Chat (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more),

  • Website or in-app chat bots which are essentially systems and automated Artificially intelligent systems that can share information, collect information and many other tasks.

  • Electronic mail or feedback forms which essentially are information forwarding modes where clients or customers can contact through emails and messages and the same gets delivered to business or teams for them to respond.

  • Call (Real-Time support): IVR systems and Support executives that can listen to clients and then suggest actions as applicable from case to case.

All the above support systems require tools and techniques, that we can provide all power packed for our clients.

Whether you are a retail store, a manufacturing organization or a professional, we can provide all business support models that you will need to keep your business up and always running.

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