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Analysing data

Data Entry

We provide quality Data Entry Services in Jammu. Our main areas are:

  • Raw Data Entry,

  • ​Paper Data format to electronic format,

  • Conversion of Data from one format to another,

  • Delivery of converted or formatted data to client systems like via API, email, files, databases, data streams and other formats and CMS's.

  • Publication of Data through various channels,

  • Form-development and Form-Filling services,

  • Representation of Data,

  • Data-Analysis,

  • Transcription services

  • Real-time Data Entry,

  • Accounting Data Entry,

  • Medical Data Entry,

  • Logistics Data Entry,

  • Educational Data Entry,

  • Retail Data Entry,

  • Travel services  Data Entry,

  • Online or Electronic format to Offline conversion,

  • Data Capturing Services, OCR Services,

  • Data Classification,

  • Data Formatting,

  • Data Storage & Streaming services,

  • Digitization (Conversion of Paper books to Electronic format),

  • Book to E-book conversion,

  • Data Formatting & Cleansing,

  • Audio to Data,

  • Video to Data,

  • Data Sampling,

  • Data Sourcing,

  • Data Management,

  • Data Typing,

  • Payroll Data Services,

  • Municipal Data Entry services,

  • Data Validation,

  • Data Filtering,

  • Data Comparison,

  • Data Verification,

  • Data Recognition,

  • And all other custom data services.

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