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Digital Signature Certificate

We DEJESYS PRIVATE LIMITED have entered a Direct Sales Partner(DSP) Agreement with eMudhra Limited. By virtue of this Agreement, DEJESYS PRIVATE LIMITED is authorised to promote sale of eMudhra Digital Signature Certificate to customers. Digital Signature Certificate will be issued based on the guidelines given by the Controller of Certifying Authority, Govt. of India.


We provide paperless Digital Signature Certificates and related services as follows:

  1. Signature Certificates,

  2. Encryption Certificates,

  3. Document Signer Certificates,

  4. SSL Certificates

  5. Crypto-token (e-pass 2003 Auto Token USB)

Our Service Estimates:

Response to Request: We aim to respond to your new DSC request within -1- working hour and collection of documents is within next -1- hour from payment confirmation after order confirmation(Subject to client location, connectivity, presence and availability).

***** Please mention your contact number in email so we can contact you at the earliest.

****For any queries, please write to us at or call +91-99063-46879

***For any order related queries, concerns, complaints and feedback, please reach out to us at:

Service Aspects:

Buy DSC in Jammu

Buy DSC Token in Jammu

Buy Digital Signature Certificate in Jammu

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