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It is like getting things done, There are phases in businesses where some task are ad-hoc or just needed to be done once in a cycle or quarter or month, like the month-end or financial year closing activities and there may be a requirement of scaling up the resources just to meet those compliance and regulation requirements, Hence it might be a good idea to scale the resources and then bring them to normal scale hence keep the operational costs with budget.
There might be requirements like reconciliation of bills, invoices, Purchase Orders, Contracts to calculate and expenditure tracking that may require a resource scale-up, In such scenarios, it is wise to have operational outsourcing.
It is also possible to keep the operational outsourcing functional with scaling like there might be a normal scale of eight resources round the year on-site but during year-end or reconciliation, the scale up is required to ten resources, In such a scenario, it is best to have three off-site resources(around the year) that are fully powered and equipped by our systems and can scale up or down as required thus keeping the operations alive and cost effective.

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