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Prologue: Welcome

The Advanced Way

We are formed and committed to bring stability to businesses, and we do that by segregating and focusing on business driving aspects and business supporting aspects, separately. In modern technological terms, this advancement is called as "Outsourcing", which basically means to get the work done through a service provider,

The Outsourcing sector is very diverse, therefore, to make it easy and approachable, we infuse and package it in such a way that you have your business is automated and integrated to the best extent possible, this gives you the following:
1.      Spend visibility,
2.      Control over resources (applications, systems and processes),
3.      Performance Analytics,
4.      Clear ground for business undertaking,
5.      A functionally mature and technologically supported business
The main driver of our solution services is Artificial Intelligence enabled applications and Cloud powered systems that are highly efficient as well as highly scalable.
This means that we are ready to support you from your day one of ideation to a fully functional and operational end-to-end business model. We can automate and integrate every nook and corner of the business, whether it is heavy influx of physical paper documents to be read and extract text for your business or collect data from your clients or vendors in electronic format (Web, Apps),
This data, can be delivered directly to your applications or systems for business.
Most of the times Automation is referred to as Robotics which is true to some extent and is best for some scenarios and in some cases whereas integration is the key-driver. Integration contributes immensely when it comes to connect two fully functional systems or connect a newly designed system to an existing system.
These integrations can range from Websites, Mobile Apps, Information Systems, Databases, readily available services like APIs, Web-hooks, data-streams and much more.
The applicability or scope ranges from Industries, factories, plant sites, retail businesses, wholesale businesses, security systems, delivery partners, documenting, healthcare, people management, consumer services, Industrial services, public sector deliverables and almost everything that needs to be automated.
Automation and Integration when combined with AI and cloud has great ability to bring cost-benefits, and it is worth mentioning that it brings the best out of humans, when humans do not have to do repetitive or tasks that challenge them or has scope of learning new skills, With Dejesys, we can assure you that your workforce can be efficient and productive manifolds.

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